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Women who may come from diverse backgrounds, marginalized in the society socially, economically, victims of domestic violence, divorced or abandoned, women from Backward castes and classes, women from minorities, from Below the Poverty line (BPL)  families, bruised, battered, educated or not but facing the wrath of society for ‘Being Women’.



During the present health pandemic that we have experienced, life has been extremely difficult for people on the margins especially women. Many women working as domestic helps lost their jobs and faced increased physical violence at home.


Through our initiative at EFWJSW we have started training centers for stitching and other crafts at various locations around Delhi. We are trying to ensure that women who have lost their jobs or facing difficult economic conditions at home get another opportunity to become self-reliant with their hard work and labour. With training they will stitch garments and EFWJSW will ensure that the garments are sold in the market and they become partners, and participate equally in the entire process from procuring dress material to stitching to marketing

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