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About our Organization

Educational Forum for Women justice and Social Welfare (EFWJSW) is a non-profit making social service non-government organization, mainly managed by women and supported by educationist, police, media- personal, Law experts, Doctors, Social workers and social scientists.  Our society is fully committed and dedicated to the cause of women justice and social welfare in order to strengthen and enhance their physical, moral and socio-economic aspects.   The Forum provides a platform to the Women from all over the country to come together and share their views on various issues, problems and adverse circumstances pertaining in Indian Society. Initially we begin with arousing awareness and interest motivating them to empowerment responsibilities and strength. Women belonging to neglected areas and profession were given opportunities to have maximum benefits leading to arousing awareness and awaking with a deep sense of self-reliance and confidence.

The society was established on 14th September 1999 and formally registered on 15th July 2005. Since then the society is continuously contributing to total upliftment with special focus on educational aspects leading to justice for them including social welfare of down trodden women like slum dwellers, prison, conservative community  their children and marginalized people and also take care for their needs so that they can be free from these obligator and heartedly. We try to help them financially by creating opportunities to earn by involving and working in suitable activities.

It was combined effort of few volunteers who joined hands to the needy and poor belonging to the marginalized and backward section of the society .the only aspiration that drew us from Society was to enable rendering much needed help as educated responsible citizen of the country.

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